5 gifts to myself as a busy Mompreneur!

ig-blogIf I knew then, what I know now… who knows how life would be. I believe in everything happening for a reason so needless to say, I’m just grateful for my revelations now.  As a busy MOMpreneur and administrative expert, I’m called on for many things. If you’re a mother and a professional, I’m sure you can relate. Overtime, I experienced burnout and it didn’t feel good. I decided to get intentional about some things and wanted to share 5 simple life changes that I GIFTED to myself and wish for others.

  1. Rise a little earlier. I’ve started waking up an hour earlier. I pray. I kiss my loves. I’m in my thankful and happy place. I don’t necessarily jump out of bed at that time but I’m awake, it’s quiet, and instantly my creative juices start flowing. I’m more in control. I set or adjust my goals for the day and weeks ahead. I’m able to respond to and clear out emails, stretch, make breakfast and move about before I wake the kids and then the real hustle begins.  That one extra hour is such a gift.
  1. Breathe and Meditate. Yes, just breathe. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Hold it. Exhale. Now clear your mind, relax and focus. Just focus.  We WOMEN are powerful and resourceful and multifaceted and magical —yea we know that we can do all-things but sometimes it gets crazy. We get overloaded and then we can get to a tipping point. Let’s go ahead and mention how we don’t want to look like we’re losing it so we work harder to appear to have it all together. STOP. Breathe and continue walking in YOUR greatness. Not anyone else’s.  The world will continue. Our kids will keep living. Our husbands will be alright. Our jobs and businesses will still be here when we’re done breathing.
  1. Carve out “ME” time. In the midst of our entirely-too-busy days, we have to cater to OUR needs. Give yourself permission to have a minute. For professional moms with toddlers like myself, sometimes I find my “me” time in the bathroom and I’m not ashamed to admit. I take my book or tablet in there and lock the door. Go to a movie. Go for a walk, to the gym or Barnes and Noble (I love sneaking away to browse and read books). It’s important to remember ourselves.
  1. Quiet out some of the noise. Social media. Television (especially reality TV). The depressing news. Our time, energy and spirits are so precious and should be protected and when I tell you how much GREATER I feel since I’ve cut a lot of the external garbage out of my life, I’m not exaggerating. It’s like a whole shift. The negative energy and images left in my head after watching or listening to the unfiltered stuff that is plastered everywhere was so draining… I’d much rather be entertained at a concert. Ok, off my soapbox. I’m just saying, be mindful of what you allow into your space.
  1. Get help. Don’t be afraid to delegate to family, friends, business associates or other businesses especially if you’re an entrepreneur. We can’t be all things to all people. We don’t have to know how to do everything, nor should we try to. That’s crazy. I was physically in pain when I tried to be “perfect”. The perfect mom, the perfect woman, the perfect friend, employee, daughter, CEO, sister, etc.  LOL! It was insanity trying to keep it all together and not let folks down.  We say “yes” to everything. “Can you attend this event with me? Can you take on this major project? Can you figure this out? Can you take me to xyz.”… You get the picture.  It’s perfectly alright to say not right now and NO.  That’s much better than taking it all on and failing. Disappointing and losing credibility or respect. Take time to really evaluate your life personally and professionally and figure out what’s essential and what could GO or what you could use some help on.

What will you gift to YOU?

Peace & Blessings,


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