Who are You and What’s Your Story?

14500282_1067865879977355_2725247666572134931_oJust the other day a bank manager asked me this question. I was taken aback for a second, was having the busiest day, hadn’t had breakfast or lunch, and just wanted to run in, make a simple transaction, and leave.  It turned into a blessing that he asked these questions and as I was telling my story, we both got excited.  I got re-energized and clearer about my personal and professional goals.  We walked away knowing more about each other. The bank manager in his profession had WOWed me with so many great tools, resources, and knowledge and was also going to refer me to prospective clients. His listening skills were impeccable and he offered so much value. This is what coaches do. Reinforce what you know and have within and they help you do your work!

Who are you? What have your life experiences taught you? What have people come to know you for? Are you living the life you love? What’s holding you back? Why is it holding you back?  These simple questions can unlock so much for you. It’s more about YOU knowing who you are than it is about sharing but do you know that you could change a life with your story? That’s for another conversation and post entirely, so for now, I’d like for you to think about these. How will you answer?

My name is Robin Pitts and I’m the founder of Divine Executive Solutions. My life work is committed and dedicated to serving others and helping them find their greatness within! I help driven women using specific strategies, build upon what they already know and have within themselves, to grow and succeed as entrepreneurs and in their profession as administrative experts! If you want to invest in yourself, I want to do the same for you! Email me at robin@divineexecutivesolutions.com to connect further!

Peace & Blessings,

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