Are You The Lone Ranger?

Are you a collaborative or more of a lone-ranger-I-can-get-things-done-on-my-own kind of person?


In this day and age, collaborating is crucial to the success of a business and ultimately any relationship. That’s why TEAMs were created. You’ve heard the sayings, “teamwork, makes the dream work” or “two heads are better than one”. These are true statements. While there are things you can accomplish alone, you can experience greater success with the help and support of others.

It only takes minutes in many cases to gain much of the necessary intel and key input before jumping out there and crossing things off of your list… We should automatically be wired to simply connect with others before taking actions that affect others or could down the line. In our fast-paced world, email and texting surely help but should not replace good old face-to-face or telephone contact.  I like to engage and personally could use less email – my inbox is flooded with HUNDREDS of emails per day but I digress… As an administrative professional and entrepreneur, I know the value of having a cohesive collaborative team. We work efficiently and productively when taking less than five minutes to talk and get on the same page. Then we don’t have to come back later begging for forgiveness, asking for help, or back peddling on decisions we’ve made.  Plus, the synergy of people working together effectively, is priceless.

Get things done right the 1st time and build your credibility AND gain support by working together with your teams!

Peace & Blessings,

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