4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

The season has quickly come upon us and for entrepreneurs, executives and professionals, here are some tips for spring cleaning your business! 1st Quarter Assessment Just as you have an annual performance review with your employer, it’s super valuable to self-assess your business performance. Set regular time throughout the year to highlight accomplishments, lessons learned, thingsContinue reading “4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business”

“Listen Linda!” Get Out of Your Own Head and STOP Blocking your Blessings!

I’ve had my business in my head for 10 years. I was in my 20’s. Wow! I would have my millions by now had I just went with it right?! That’s one way to think of it but my truth is that I didn’t think my idea was brilliant enough, cool enough, could help enough…Continue reading ““Listen Linda!” Get Out of Your Own Head and STOP Blocking your Blessings!”

Who are You and What’s Your Story?

Just the other day a bank manager asked me this question. I was taken aback for a second, was having the busiest day, hadn’t had breakfast or lunch, and just wanted to run in, make a simple transaction, and leave.  It turned into a blessing that he asked these questions and as I was tellingContinue reading “Who are You and What’s Your Story?”

5 gifts to myself as a busy Mompreneur!

If I knew then, what I know now… who knows how life would be. I believe in everything happening for a reason so needless to say, I’m just grateful for my revelations now.  As a busy MOMpreneur and administrative expert, I’m called on for many things. If you’re a mother and a professional, I’m sureContinue reading “5 gifts to myself as a busy Mompreneur!”

Who wants to play administrivia?

Do you need administrative support but can’t quite justify hiring an administrative or executive assistant? Are you constantly thinking or even worse, worrying with the “I don’t have time!” syndrome? Most business owners and independent professionals can’t fathom the thought of hiring help… and we get it. Almost. The many costs associated with hiring, trainingContinue reading “Who wants to play administrivia?”