Change… it ain’t all bad.

Who isn’t experiencing change these days?  As a new POTUS was ushered into the White House, that certainly was a major change event contributing to many emotions, feelings of loss and joy for example.  While I enjoyed the experiences that I participated in and experienced under the leadership of President Barack Obama, my range of emotions end in a joy that he and his family left an amazing legacy that many of will remember for the rest of our lives.

In my professional world, I experienced having one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever worked with transition to another organization, in another state. Insert angry-sad face. I didn’t know I would have so many emotions. After all, I had experienced being laid off before, after many years of dedicated service and receiving not so much as a handshake when I exited the building. I understood business to be business, jobs get eliminated and people come and go but the news of this great man leaving made me sad – but so excited and proud of him at the same time. My emotions were real, nonetheless.  When you’re genuinely “good people” as a friend of mine says, your gift is meant to be shared with the world and you continue growing and pushing yourself to do great things.

And that’s why I quickly snapped back into reality.

The thing I appreciate most about change is that it PUSHES you towards GREATER.  It pulls you out of your relaxed and repetitive zone.  Walks you right into building new partnerships and relationships. Jingles the keys to your future in your face. Reminds you who YOU are and what you’re capable of.  Stretches you to brush up on or learn new skills.  Dares you to pursue your dreams or new opportunities.

You could easily experience a change in a negative way, especially when decisions are made that you have no control over, but what is within your control is how you choose to deal with the change and grow from it.  That great leader of mine coached and encouraged me in many ways that I’ll forever be grateful for. He probably never even realized it.  I also took the time to gain clarity and discover who I am and what I wanted at this stage in my life. As we grow, our expectations and desires change and grow as well.  Gaining clarity is an important exercise that I recommend we all take the time out to do. I put together a complimentary workbook to help you do this (or share with a loved one who may need this push).

Change… it’s necessary and it can be exactly what you make it. I hope you’re making the best of it in your life!

Peace & Blessings,


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