10 Reasons Why You Need To Say YES To YOU!


  1. Because GOD said so – you are here by divine order and have purpose. What are you doing to unearth it though? It’s time to step up and into what God told you to do instead of watching everyone else succeed and do what they love. What is it that you’ve always wanted to do and why haven’t you started? Find your purpose and love what you do or don’t do it.
  2. If you don’t, who will? No one! Simple as that. You are supposed to take care of YOU.
  3. You were born for GREATNESS so why aren’t you living up to your full potential? Are you just surviving? Barely? It’s time to thrive and unleash the winner in you. So…what do you need to do first? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to stop doing or do more of? Write it down and go to work on the most important thing. YOU.
  4. To fulfill that gut wrenching passion! You are talented. You have a special gift doing something that doesn’t come easy to others. It’s time to do this thing! Perfect it, package it up and share it (sell it, give it, teach it) with the world! You may have tried and failed in the past but don’t give up. Sometimes you’ve got to lose or fail to win and succeed.
  5. It’s time – you know it so stop procrastinating and making excuses. Nothing but time has continued to pass since you first got the idea, the thought, the inspiration. Now you’re 10 years older and lets be honest… You’re not getting any younger. Start now. Work on it, one day at a time then look back a year from today and smile at your progress!
  6. To leave a legacy. What mark are you leaving on the world? Think about it.
  7. Time waits for no one so make the best of everyday. There will be love, loss, success, failure, joy, pain. This is the part of life and there’s no getting away from it. Accept each experience as a life lesson. Something you were to get something out of to help you or to share and help someone else. Don’t stand still. The world is moving vastly around you. Don’t live in regret another minute.
  8. The people in your life will be better for it! You’re “every” woman/man to some of everybody and when you get home, you crumble. You’re not your best self because you’ve given up all of you to others and no one is pouring back into you (heck, neither are you).  How can you really give your best self to your loved ones when you have not invested in you? You must refill your own cup. Take a week, a day or even just a few hours if that’s all you have, to regularly pour back into YOU.
  9. The universe is waiting to receive you – you have a unique story. A testimony. You are YOU and no one else has the luxury of this gift. Step out and share. You’re an inspiration to others; you just don’t know it yet. Somebody is already rooting for you.  Tell your story of how you overcame obstacles and beat the odds.  It’s so important for others to hear.  In your sharing, not only can you help someone, you’ll continue your healing and growth.
  10. You are loved. Remember that and increase the love in you and around you. Lose the negative people, habits or things in your life that contradict this.

Peace & Blessings,


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