Are You The Lone Ranger?

Are you a collaborative or more of a lone-ranger-I-can-get-things-done-on-my-own kind of person? In this day and age, collaborating is crucial to the success of a business and ultimately any relationship. That’s why TEAMs were created. You’ve heard the sayings, “teamwork, makes the dream work” or “two heads are better than one”. These are true statements.Continue reading “Are You The Lone Ranger?”

Who wants to play administrivia?

Do you need administrative support but can’t quite justify hiring an administrative or executive assistant? Are you constantly thinking or even worse, worrying with the “I don’t have time!” syndrome? Most business owners and independent professionals can’t fathom the thought of hiring help… and we get it. Almost. The many costs associated with hiring, trainingContinue reading “Who wants to play administrivia?”