The Obama’s ‘Most Admired’ and deserving!

Congratulations to our former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama for being named ‘Most Admired Woman’ of 2018. Gallup posed the question “What woman that you have heard or read about, living today in any part of the world, do you admire most?”.  Beating out former First Lady and Secretary of State, HillaryContinue reading “The Obama’s ‘Most Admired’ and deserving!”

Change… it ain’t all bad.

Who isn’t experiencing change these days?  As a new POTUS was ushered into the White House, that certainly was a major change event contributing to many emotions, feelings of loss and joy for example.  While I enjoyed the experiences that I participated in and experienced under the leadership of President Barack Obama, my range ofContinue reading “Change… it ain’t all bad.”