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I founded Divine Executive Solutions to help improve and make life and EXECUTING business simpler.  I know the stress and worry that many entrepreneurs and executives have due to a lack of time, top talent or aligned administrative partnerships, and resources.  I answer that problem by planning and executing for you through Administrative Consulting, a corporate solution for CEOs and small businesses. Leave the administrative details to the experts, and start delegating today.

Are you an administrative professional, Virtual Assistant or an ambitious woman struggling or stuck in an area of your life that is preventing you from moving forward? I love helping women take charge of their careers, and businesses, empowering them with tools of the trade that I’ve learned along the way! Through CoachingI help you get clear and confident about your gifts and devise a path to help you move forward. Book your session today!

Executive Assistants in need of private and customized training, and focus, get a full VIP Day to cover what is most important to your growth and development.

Are you struggling, stagnant or stuck, or just ready to get to the next level? Let’s talk!