The Divine Credit Repair “How to Guide”



In this 30-page downloadable eBook, I share the tools I researched and learned to understand credit, your rights as a consumer, laws that protect you, and other resources, and letter templates you can use to improve your credit knowledge and profile. I’m not a lawyer, and don’t make any guarantees, but I do share everything I learned and did that boosted my credit by 100 points, and helped me change the way I used to think about credit, and finances – all of which helped me purchase a beautiful home, and get a new car. Once you purchase this product, you will receive it as a download. You can print it or use it on your computer, or smartphone. No physical product will be sent, and no refunds will be provided for this digital product.  You have three (3) download attempts. It’s highly recommended to download to a PC or laptop immediately. Sharing and selling this product is prohibited.
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They say that everything you need is on the internet, and most of that is true but if it were that easy, everyone would have excellent credit, right?

You should definitely do your own research, and continuously educate yourself to have your own knowledge, but, this guide cuts out a lot of the misinformation you’ll find on the internet, and helps you get right to it!

Optimize your credit score in 30-45 days using our guide packed with tools, information, and actionable steps to help you repair your credit profile, and increase your scores! Dispute letters, other letter templates, credit booster tips, and detailed instructions are included.