Executive Assistant Coaching for the CEO

Are you a CEO struggling with your Executive Assistant? Are you a CEO acting as an Executive Assistant – scheduling your own meetings, booking your own travel, managing your emails, social media, etc., OR are you a CEO who does not know what an effective strategic partnership with an Executive Assistant looks like, and wants to hire the right partner?

multiethnic cheerful colleagues talking about job and working with documents

As a 20+ year experienced executive support partner, manager, and certified life coach, I help CEOs get the top-tier executive assistant support they need.  

If any of this resonates with you, I’d be happy to help you change this dynamic so that you can partner with your Force Multiplier A-Game Assistant, and do what you’re called to do.

Whether you’re a new executive, or more tenured, this is for the chief who wants tools and strategies to hire, retain and strengthen their person, their partner, and their right-hand – Executive Assistant, Executive Business Partner, Chief-of-Staff, or whatever title you choose. My mission is to help you maximize your partnership.

How we work together: Coaching is customized to meet your needs. To gain the most value and effectiveness, a four-month minimum coaching relationship is recommended; however, not required.

If you’re ready to be empowered and do the work, I look forward to partnering with you. Complete the questionnaire below and book a 15-minute Discovery Call, or invest in your one-hour coaching session today!