Why You Need a Coach

I’ve paid experienced and well established experts to COACH me. I’ve obviously had my own experiences that I’ve learned from, but as I’ve grown as a person, personally and professionally, I’ve grown in mindset, and decided to seek out others who could help get me to where I wanted to be. I’m not going to lie, at first, it almost KILLED me to pay someone to help me, but when I tell you the value I received from them was worth every penny to help me get to making six figures!!

First of all, I’m a full-time professional, full-time mother, full-time daughter and heck, there’s not much more time time to be… well, yes there is – but the reality is, to be great, I needed to cut out or carve out some extra time for my learning. So there. I have had coaches, and I’m grateful for every last one of them. They helped me get clear on my goals. They showed me how they got to where they are. They gave me actionable steps to achieve what it was I wanted to achieve. You see, at 40 years old, I no longer have time to spend spinning and figuring stuff out. Every single one of my hours is valuable.

What I want you to know is this. I’m passionate about what I do, and it is my sincerest goal to see people WIN and move towards whatever success looks like for them. I love GOD and I know exactly where my blessings flow from. My passion, my gift and my purpose is to help people. That’s it. What I learned over time though is that when people want to help themselves, they DO, and they open the doors and let others in.

You’ve got to ask yourself “what do I want?”. If you are ready to move forward, let s work together.