5 Habits to Break in 2019

Happy New Year friends! I’m so grateful to have made it! Like me, I’m sure you experienced a few challenges last year. You may have even picked up or carried over some habits that you simply could live without.

This got me thinking, and I came up with five habits that some of us could break starting now:

  1. Procrastinating. Just stop putting things off. It makes no sense to keep doing this. Seize the moment, and take action NOW! (I’m definitely talking to myself with this one)!
  2. Being an angry, resentful YES person. SAY NO and mean it. You can’t effectively be everything to everybody. Focus on what or who you truly want to contribute your time and energy to. It’s ok to turn things down every now and again. People are understanding. Remember, this is YOUR life and you only get one.
  3. Eating any-and-everything while in the next breath saying you want to lose weight. No one believes you anymore and we are sick of hearing it. Don’t change for others but do change because you want to (or need to).
  4. Puh-leeeeze stop spreading negative and toxic energy… at home, work, social gatherings, in church! While you may not care, you look crazy, and if you haven’t noticed, people run away from you. Not only that, if you truly reflect, how has your life been treating you? Could things be better? It takes good energy and work to commit to that draining lifestyle. Why not use that energy for good? Last but not least, number five.
  5. Putting yourself last. We tend to invest in others so much every single day that we forget who we are. We believe that we exist to help and be there for everyone else that we don’t leave room for ourselves to need. We blank that idea from our minds, and give, and give, and give, and give until we are left with nothing, and in some cases, no one.

With the start of a new year and new month, let’s change our mindset, and make some positive and healthy life changes!

Happy and healthy 2019 blessings to you and yours!

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