How to Create Your One-Page Biz Plan

How to Create Your One-Page Biz PlanA business plan is an essential tool for a successful business; however, one doesn’t always need the high-powered multi-page package you typically think of to get started on your dream.

By answering these eight questions after you’ve obviously done your RESEARCH, you will have the foundation of your business plan!


  1. WHAT services and/or goods will you provide? How will they provide value and help people?
  2. WHO are your ideal customers? Who specifically will buy from you?
  3. WHY will this work? What is your promise to your customer? How will you build and maintain your customer base?
  4. HOW MUCH does your service or goods cost (expenses, supplies, etc.)? What will you charge? What other ways can you make MONEY from this idea?
  5. HOW WILL you DELIVER services to your customers? Do you have the resources necessary to deliver on your promise? What additional resources do you need?
  6. HOW WILL customers hear about your services/goods? How will you keep them coming back and sending others? What’s your HUSTLE & FLOW?
  7. HOW WILL you handle CUSTOMER concerns, complaints, challenges, social media reviews, refund request, etc.?
  8. SUSTAINABILITY! What kinds of activities will you do to keep your competitive edge and momentum flowing? Will you need to enlist help? How will you continue to provide value and grow your business?

Going through the process of answering these key questions on paper will help set your business on the right path so go ahead and get started on your dream today! Get your FREE interactive printable Biz Planning Tool now!

Contact The Divine Exec if you get stuck.

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