Is it an act ladies? Are you a professional balancer or do you simply wake every day with a distinct drive, power and mission to live a life you actually love? In my head, I’m just like the amazing and beautiful balancing-act-scene-3take-39-1young gymnast Gabby Douglas on those beams, flying through connecting on each bar, flipping, doing handstands, tumbling and ending gracefully with perfect poise. LOL! That’s what it looks like to some people on the outside.

People have said to me, “I don’t know how you do it” or “You know, you don’t have to do it all, don’t you?”, and “don’t you wish you had help?” I know they didn’t mean any harm.

Well, by “GOD’s Grace, I’m able”, I say and truly believe. I choose to do exactly what I’m doing and I’m grateful for the help that I do have! Thank you and please don’t speak any desire into my life unless it’s of INCREASE.

As women, we have been told to feel guilty about wanting more. That stop’s right here. There are no limits. We can have it all and should not feel guilty about pursuing our passions and dreams. As a mother, I used to feel like I had to put everything on the back burner for my family (which I have done and don’t regret) but I’ve realized the opposite now. I really don’t have the luxury of putting my goals on the back burner because in the end, I suffer and my family suffers.  I decided that it was not acceptable to have a family settle for mediocre me, working 9-5 me or, the me that follows someone else’s traditions or ideas of just being a wife and mother.  I don’t say “just” to diminish or demean the amazing role that I have, not at all – I’m so blessed and because of my family, I’m a super BOSS at home and I’m an UBER BOSS outside of home. My life has been enriched and blessed tremendously and I thank GOD for choosing them for me and me for them.  What I’m saying though is that, if I were to follow the traditions or advice of others, my family and I would end up with a bitter-angry-resentful me.  I decided that I could hold my family down and pursue my dreams and desires as well, and, at the same time. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No limits! No set rules! No script that I need to follow. I can simply do what I’m called to do and for me, that’s sharing a little bit more of me with the rest of the world (sounds crazy right? I know; however, my passion for helping others is where my business comes in to play).

Do I balance it all? I’m not sure but I can tell you that my waking moments after I’m filled with air in my lungs and motion in my body include prayer and a motivational power talk with myself, ending in “now let’s GO BE GREAT!”  My goals are to make sure my family have what they need, that I’m doing my absolutely best in my chosen 9 -5, that I’m putting in my absolute best in my business and helping at least one other person or business, that my family’s legacy goals are being met and that everything I’m doing aligns with those goals, that I’m making time for me and that I’m still connecting with loved ones and the rest of the world, giving just a little bit more of me… oh, and that I’m looking and smelling good tooJ

Every day, I’m fulfilled and appreciate that GOD gave me the family that I asked for and that I have the opportunities to affect their lives… some days I’m tired, on occasion I totally screw up, my hair is crazy, I’m crazy, the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned and toys aren’t put away, I don’t get that 1:1 time that hubby and I deserve, heck, I forget to check homework and make sure the kids are prepped for school the night before but…

I’m so humbled by my daily accomplishments, for each day that I’m able to LIVE and that with each nights hugs and kisses, I’ve given my all, I’m still loved, inspired and excited about the next day’s adventure.  Oh yes, the adventurous life of Robin Pitts, my life, book coming soon but in my 39 years of living, no one has ever said it would be easy — and, for the record it hasn’t been, but because of the support system I’ve been blessed with and my drive and commitment to beat the odds and live a life that I can be proud of, I go into each day ready to embrace what comes my way.  I made the choice to take control of my life, my destiny and make the best of everything! I don’t wait for anyone to give me anything, to give me an opportunity. I don’t complain about what I feel like someone else should be doing, nor do I succumb to many of the daggers and road blocks that have and continue to be thrown my way. Instead, I fight! I wake with faith and a desire to be better today than I was yesterday and then I get out there and GO and I know so many other fierce women who do the same and wouldn’t have it any other way. WHATEVER WE SET OUT TO DO, WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AND FOR SOME, IT’S BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

What are you “balancing” or holding down? If you’re not currently feeling like you have it all together but you want to get there, or you have goals, passions, dreams and desires, what’s holding you back? You don’t have to have “it” all together either but do you have a life plan? Do you know that you have greatness inside of you? Do you know that you have purpose? More importantly, what do you already know that you can/should be doing about it? It’s my passion and personal dream to see everyone succeed in life. Feel free to connect with me.  I’d love to chat with you!

Peace & Blessings,


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