Who wants to play administrivia?

image1 (2)Do you need administrative support but can’t quite justify hiring an administrative or executive assistant? Are you constantly thinking or even worse, worrying with the “I don’t have time!” syndrome? Most business owners and independent professionals can’t fathom the thought of hiring help… and we get it. Almost. The many costs associated with hiring, training and housing employees add up to most making the decision to just do EVERYTHING themselves. That includes taking work home with you to do over dinner or while in bed. I have been there and know it’s not fun, wise, or healthy.  You don’t have to though. So your budget doesn’t support hiring. Ok. There are many options available and one in particular is where Divine Executive Solutions LLC comes in. The owner is a consultant and administrative expert with over 18 years of professional administrative and operations experience.  A few credits shy of receiving her degree and plans to attend law school, she shifted gears and decided to chart her own course doing what she loves and what she knows is an essential need.  “It is my passion and joy to help business owners, professionals and lawyers find more time to do the strategic and income generating tasks that they should be doing”, says Robin Pitts.

Administrative consultants are trained administrative experts who have served as high level executive assistants in most scenarios, who have the skills, knowledge and resources that can save you time and money.  You do not pay for their office space, technology or other overhead (roughly $30,000 per year).  You don’t have to worry about training, payroll and benefits, etc. (roughly $80,000 per year based on a $60,000 salary).  You pay for the value they bring and the ROI will be incredible, helping your bottom line and reputation.  Think of it this way – what’s the trade off in doing all of your administrative tasks?  Add up the amount of hours you spend completing administrative tasks and multiply that by your hourly rate.  Compare that to the new client or business you could have gained during that time.  Did you lose or gain? What’s the one task that takes up your time that you would love to give up in order to free you up to do what you love? Hopefully you get the drift and will at least look into getting yourself the support you need.  After all, the administrivia is the life line of your business.

It’s 2016 and the ways in which we do business continue to vastly change.  Connect with DES LLC to see how you can begin positioning yourself and/or your business for growth and sustainability.  We’d love to get the conversation started.

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools!