“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

t_283Before we travel out of state or out of the country, what is one thing we all do (or should do)? We look at the weather forecast, at least I do.  We look ahead and make a plan based on what the weather forecaster told us to expect. We pack extra sets of clothing, shoes, accessories etc. based on what we’re told, trying to be as prepared as possible for the rain, snow or storm. History and past weather experience may also inform us per se; it’s rainy pretty much every Memorial Day in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI (although, it was unexpectedly sunny and dry this year).  Anyway, in life, while it’s hard to predict essentially anything, we have the power to use our experiences, successes, failures, lessons to help inform our future.  To look ahead at our life – hopefully looking at it with another lens or perspective.  Based on what was, what currently is and what we want or think the future COULD BE. It’s up to each of us to design, create and make things happen.

As a spiritual person, I do believe that a plan is already designed by our Creator; however, I also believe that we were given the necessary tools to create our future. We weren’t created to merely exist and wait on life to happen to us. We have a responsibility to take action. To think, to research, to prepare, plan and act.  The quote from Peter Drucker inspires me daily to create, to innovate, to write the chapters in my story and mark my path!

What future will you create?

Peace & Blessings,


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