6 reasons Why Recruiters/Hiring Managers/Business Owners are Tossing Out Your Resume

  1. Format. Did you take the time out to make it look clean, aligned and professional? Is it typed from a typewriter or in an electronic word processed version that can be emailed? Does your name stand out? Did you use bullet points to highlight or is everything in paragraphs for us to read through?
  2. Misspelled words. There’s simply no excuse for this. This is our first and last impression of you.
  3. Employment dates missing. We want to know when you worked and if you’re currently employed. Is your experience from 1995? Are there gaps? Have you hopped around from job to job? These are questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer but we prefer seeing dates upfront.
  4. Accomplishments aren’t listed. We want to know the value you bring. What you can do for us?
  5. Is this a job description or resume? It looks like a job description with all of your duties and responsibilities listed. What sets you apart from the rest? What about the challenges you’ve faced or successes you’ve achieved? We want to see highlights and glimpses into what you bring to the table.
  6. Objective statement is generic. It’s also all over the place and lists your desire to apply for a specific job; not the job you’re applying for though…

The resources available online to help you are endless. Your resume tells a story about you and is what gets you on the phone and in the front door. Don’t be left on the outskirts for something as basic but important as your resume! Your brand! Let the quality product of your resume first speak for you.

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