Think You Can

I woke up reminded that my thoughts become my reality.  I’m happy to say that I wake up feeling blessed, grateful and ready to conquer the world… most days.  On occasion, I don’t feel as well or at my best, like today even. Waking up with a sore throat, I just wanted to say no to the day and check-in to hotel bed with the covers pulled all the way up.  Days like today call for the extra nudge that says, “get up, we’ve got work to do”!  My nudges come from my children who always need me; usually it’s the bright and beautiful face of my 6 month old daughter who wakes up smiling which immediately helps me to change my course, or my 9 year old daughter who needs help packing a healthy lunch.  The meaningful work waiting on me at the great organization I work for or email alerts on my phone from my wonderful clients.  When I can’t seem to hear the alerts, the calls, the alarms or my husband, because I’ve tuned them all out, it’s the powerful voice of God saying “good morning daughter, get up and go daughter, you’re needed and we’ve got this”.  That’s when I rise and assure myself, that I’ve got this!  I’m alive! All of my limbs are in tact and my mind is sound.  Now I’m ready! Let’s go!

We all have those powers that be which motivate us to get moving forward every day – hopefully in a positive and productive direction and if you don’t, I want to encourage you to find your powers! It could be as simple as waking up with an attitude of gratitude and thinking about all of the reasons you’re grateful to be alive! You may have struggles, we all do, so embrace them, find the good in them and keep working to overcome them.   Most importantly, don’t pull the covers up over your life.  Life is a journey and will be as good or as great as you think it should be!

Peace & Blessings,


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