Time for a Self Check

As the CEO of your life, it’s time for a performance review/progress check in.  Yes, it’s August now – summer is winding down & pretty soon we’ll be making our vows to the New Year!  I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few things that still need to get done, THIS YEAR.  I got off to a great start, and then I started getting busy with life and all-things-not-on-my-OWN-agenda.  Well my friends, a SHIFT is happening.  Things are lining up and happening according to God’s Will and I’m so grateful.

I didn’t get to this stage in my life alone.  A critical part of my growth and development is attributed to my “advisors”.  GOD being 1st, then my other advisors who I go to for advice and counsel.  Anyone in business or seeking improvement should have an advisor or two – a trusted and QUALIFIED coach or accountability partner.

Back to my check in! As I’m preparing to finish this year out strong, I wanted to share my top 5 values that I use to assess and measure myself and goals against.  Feel free to use!

  1. Spiritually – are you connected and staying plugged in to your higher power source? I firmly believe that having my relationship in order with God, helps me have all of my other relationships and endeavors in order. My the-best-project-that-you-will-ever-work-on-is-youentire life changed when I put God at the head of my life.  Believe in something greater than yourself and you will likely be at your greatest self!
  2. Professionally – Are you where you want to be or do you just work to pay the bills? Would an updated resume push you to upgrade your job/career? How about finishing your business plan? Is what you’re doing having an impact on the greater good? Community?
  3. Educationally – Are you stimulating your mind? Have you learned anything new? Could you better market your talents by taking a course? Don’t get left behind! The world is changing. So should you.  I’m a lifelong learner and proud of it!
  4. Health – Have you had your wellness exam this year? Mammogram? Have you incorporated exercise into your day? Did you change your eating habits? What can you start doing now to feel better? I’m so glad I have taken charge of my health. I’m still in my 30’s and just had a beautiful new baby girl. I want to be around for HER grandchildren. Being healthy is a daily choice! I’m all in.
  5. Home Front – Last but not least…Have you made more QUALITY time for FAMILY? Family is WHY I get up and hustle every day. They keep me grounded and motivated to be the very best woman I can be and they love me even when I’m at my lowest self.  Next to my faith, family is everything. So, take care of your loved ones.  Go on a weekend getaway. Schedule a weekly family night – with no electronic devices allowed. (I’m stealing this one for our household). Incorporate a health goal here and get the family involved on a fun outdoor outing. Whatever you do, make memories!

Mountains can still be moved in the next 147 days if we just dedicate a little bit of time every day to pursue our own growth. Make a plan. Commit. Organize. Work. Check in. Check off. Then start all over.

Great blessings, peace & love.