So what?!

Lately, I’ve used the word “purpose” a lot, asking some people what’s the purpose for their actions, their existence and more so, reflecting on mine.  I don’t have anything special to say today but to encourage you to get clear about your purpose. Why are you here? Why do you think you get to wake up each morning and do the things you do?  Is it for your children, your family, community? Are you helping, hurting or simply doing nothing?  It took me years to figure out mine so I’m not here to say who, what or how it should be.  I just know that life is bigger than me.  It’s not about the job I do every day in health care or those that I help through my business.  My official order is to serve.  With so many things happening in the world, good, bad and indifferent, there are more than enough causes to get involved in and many vulnerable people to advocate for.

God has given us all a special gift (or gifts) and a voice to use to lift up the world.  Some of us get paid for our gifts and some don’t (or choose not to).  I feel blessed to have a few talents, with one being what led me to start my own business, Divine Executive Solutions LLC and also which led to my 15+ years of supporting CEO’s in large not-for-profit organizations (ultimately my entire career).  I’m administratively and operationally, business savvy. In a nutshell, I know how to organize, orchestrate, design, define, support, teach and lead and I also have an altruistic desire to help others (thus, my path in criminal justice, social services and health care).  While I mostly get paid for this gift, I find myself more often than not, helping many, free of charge.  I want to do more.  In the end, I hope to leave people better off after having come in contact with me.

So…my question is, are you using your gift/s?

Great blessings, peace & love!