Thanks, but I think I’ll pass…

Are you spending your time wisely? We hear often about people running themselves ragged, tirelessly to meet deadlines and all sorts of demands. Daily! Weekly! Nonstop. Usually, you are the culprit. Yes, YOU (we – me – I  used to be my own culprit) are responsible for getting caught in your rut – at work, at church, at home, socially.  Saying yes, oh sure, I can do, no problem, let me help you, etc… Then, after a while (as you continue to squeeze “stuff” into your busy, hurried, full life), you start to think things like “this is crazy; why am I doing this? why do I always have to do this? I wish someone else could do this.” You start to resent those things and maybe even people. Even worse, you eventually might start to see or feel a physical strain on your face and/or body. {NOTE: THIS IS NOT GOOD}.

“Well, how do I fix this?” is a question I get often. Hire DES LLC to answer some of your solutions is one answer. Get help!

The other answer is this. Learn to say the two letter word. NO. If what you are constantly doing is not essential to your life or your work, let it go. At work, learn to work smarter, not harder. This will take a moment to sit, think and plan. In your personal life, what exactly are you trying to prove, accomplish or resolve?  The answer to saving your own self is to simply stop committing yourself for everything just because you are asked or feel the need to respond to every need. This does not mean you should just start saying no to everything. It’s just time to pause and take full stock of your life, personally and professionally. Live your life purposefully – on purpose. Bring back the joy! Do what is fulfilling. People will understand and life will go on.

All the best!